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PENETRON ADMIX adds 60 years in concrete’s lifecycle in a corrosive environment (based in ACI’s study for admixtures with crystal growth).

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Durability of Concrete

Increase of durability of concrete based on PENETRON ADMIX® system, with crystal growth and accordingly with reference from American Concrete Institute (ACI).

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What you will find here

The designer, the engineer, the constructor, the applicator, but also the ordinary individual can be informed on how the PENETRON materials technology offers solutions in structural waterproofing problems, repairs, and protection of structures. High quality products and innovative systems, with strong ecological consciousness, is the company's contribution and our scientific and technical staff, both in the construction market, but also to society and the environment.

Sophisticated crystal growth systems PENETRON & PENETRON ADMIX, for permanent waterproofing, corrosion protection, but also the longevity of concrete structures (Concrete Durability), changing the facts in structural technology. Increasing up to 60 years the life of the concrete in corrosive environment (in line with studies of the American Concrete Institute ACI for admixtures with crystal growth), the PENETRON ADMIX system is the leader in the category of Permanent Total Concrete Protection System. Quality, Innovation, Ergonomics, combined with the high level of Technical Support, but also with Respect to the Environment and the User, is the Guarantee for Success on Applications of PENETRON Systems.

The technical world can find in this website:

  • Detailed product catalog, PENETRON® technical solutions, structured in detail, so as to be easily used in applications or in construction specifications.
  • Detailed information on how permanent waterproofing of concrete works with PENETRON technology, scientific documentation, laboratory results and even more, information about the technical applications of the system, as well as its advantages.
  • Detailed application instructions and many construction details, useful for any project.
  • Reports of technical projects with applications of our systems, from the Greek and the Global Construction Market, important examples of technical solutions and dealing with structural problems.
  • Product Data Sheets (PDS), Safe Data Sheets (SDS) and plenty of international approvals and certifications (ISO, NSF, GREEN LABEL, CE, etc.) in a continuously upgradeable service.
  • The network of official business partners, and the recommended application teams, and relevant connection with the official website of the parent PENETRON INTERNATIONAL company, for using our global experience.
  • Finally, the ability of communicating with the technical and specialized personnel of our company, gives even greater flexibility for expert support in any requirement or problem that needs further technical support. This site is an information and communication portal, continuously upgraded through an interactive communication with all of you.



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