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Websites and Information Safety Leaflets of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” are exclusively informative only. Product description does not replace the studying of usage instructions. Information and content of both websites and Information Safety Leaflets of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” have no binding force, particularly as far as usage instructions are concerned. Only the instructions included in the products’ packages must be followed thoroughly.  Technical knowledge, which is included in the reports and the Information Safety Leaflets of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, is subjected to continuous changes, deriving from research and development.   Despite the fact that writers have particularly tried to reassure that information, and especially those referring to applications and consequences, correspond to the knowledge on which first reports were based on, you are still responsible for your own decisions.

 “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” is not responsible for the completeness, the correctness of the information and of the website’s content or of the Information Safety Leaflets, unless the company has concluded a specific agreement with you or intends to guarantee for the completeness or the correctness of the information or of the content. “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” has the right to modify or to update, at any time and without notice, the information given through its websites and the Information Safety Leaflets and to improve/change the described products.

 The obligations of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, concerning the products and services, are exclusively restricted to the agreements made according to the occasion. The websites and the Information Safety Leaflets of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” do not contain property guarantees or guaranties of any other kind.

 “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” is responsible for content coming from third parties, according to registered provisions. In case that a link provides access in a different website, we draw the attention to the act that we are not responsible for its content and structure and we do not invoke its content as ours.

Cookies Policy

The website address https://www.penetron.gr of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” uses cookies technology. Cookies are small text files that are saved on the hard disk of anyone visiting the webpage and do not affect any document or file of the visitor’s computer. They are useful for the visitor’s ease of access to the use of certain services or pages of the website. Those files may also contain the type of browser that the visitor is using, the day and time the connection took place, the visitor’s IP and the country from which connection was made.

Safety alert

You are responsible to reassure that the applications you are using for accessing the website and the Information Safety Leaflets of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, are free of viruses. Internet use may be risky, as a result of free public access and from the possibility of unauthorized influence to its content from third parties. By using internet, you have already accepted these risks. “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, complying with the appropriate technical measures, provides high level security for the website https://www.penetron.gr, without being able, of course, to guarantee or to take responsibility for any damage caused by third parties, who use its website or any other links or the Information Safety Leaflets, unless if “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” is responsible for this risk and its occurrence. More specifically, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” is not responsible for the malfunction or loss of programs or any other data of your IT system.

Applied law

All legal transactions, occurring by using the content of the website of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, are subjected to the Greek Laws, with the exclusion of United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Personal Data Protection Regulation

In view of the appliance of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” has updated the terms and conditions of Privacy Policy – Statement of Consent. In this respect, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” has improved the data protection system and confidentiality of natural persons.

Personal data:

Any information concerning identified or identifiable natural persons (subjects of data). The identifiable natural person is the one whose identity can be verified, directly or indirectly, especially with reference to an identifying lead, such as name, ID number, location data, online identity, or one or more factors that resemble to physical, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of the natural person concerned.


Any operation or set of operations of your data, which is performed upon personal data or sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, (such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, erasure or destruction).

Objective of processing

“PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, within its operation system, is responsible for the   personal data processing operations of natural persons concerning product sale, supply of products, promotional activities, technical support, trade support, collaboration contracts and CV’s evaluations.

 More specifically, according to the document “Statement of Consent” or the electronic form of communication, which is on the website https://www.penetron.gr, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” will perform data-processing operations, in order to carry out you request. For this reason, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” will also process any other data, which you will acknowledge to the company, in the future, verbally or by any other way, written or electronically, with the aid of our certified employees / colleagues.

 ”PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, according to General Data Protection Regulation   (G.D.P.R.) and the relevant with it Greek legislation, commits itself to protect your personal data, since it is in the company’s beliefs that their safety, in terms of any cooperation or communication with the company (in categories such as: clients, suppliers, personnel and third parties), forms a significant and integral part of the management of the company’s information. For this reason, the company takes all measures needed in order to reassure that the personal data are safe and protected from loss, wrong processing, unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure.

 In case you contact “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, your personal data will be processed for the best possible serve of your request. If access to personal data information is denied by the person requesting to be served, this will result to an anonymous serving, with no responsibility on behalf of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” concerning the result. Moreover, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” has the right to decline such a service based on protection of personal data. 

 “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” may also, for the protection of the company’s legal interests, but also for reassuring that proper service to all is provided, implement regular checks in order to find ways for optimization of internal procedures and for preventing fraud against her.

 Moreover, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” clarifies that you need to notify her immediately for any change made upon your personal data. “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” will use this information, accordingly to the relative legislation, in order to update your preserved personal data, regarding the services/products you have received or will receive from the company.

Who process personal data?

Personal data information will be possibly processed by every employee and colleague of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, for one or more of the following purposes: Communication made by phone, writing or electronically, in order to serve your needs, relatively with supplement of products, sending products or/and documents, providing technical support, evaluating CVs, making cooperation agreements and sending offers. For all the already mentioned reasons, employees and colleagues of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” act only under the company’s authority and have been empowered for this purpose specifically, as they are bound by data confidentiality, according to the relative signed private agreements and obligations established by legislation, regarding collection and processing of the above data. Additionally, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, in the context of compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R), may process personal data  in the fulfillment of public tasks, or while exercising public powers given to the processor, for the purposes of legal interests pursued by the processor or by a third part, unless, fundamental rights and privileges of the subject of personal data predominate and therefor protection of personal data is imminent, especially if the subject of personal data is a child, and also in cases where it is absolutely necessary for the protection of the legal rights or the fulfillment of obligations of  “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”.

Processing special categories of personal data.

“PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” may process special categories of personal data (such as are personal data information revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or the participation in a trade union, and to process genetic data, biometric data for the indisputable identification of a person, and data concerning health) with the clear consent of the subject of personal data and according to the cases specified in the article 9 of the (ΕΕ) 2016/679.

Time limit for data preservation

“PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” stores personal data information for as long as the company is operational (up to 29 November 2047, according to the established statutes of the company) and in compliance with the law. Also, it is clarified that the video surveillance system keeps data for 15 days maximum, for safety reasons of the professional equipment, the employees and the visitors. The website https://www.penetron.gr of PENETRON HELLAS S.A. stores cookies for a period of 30 calendar days.


“PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” commits to preserve your data updated and accurate, to archive and delete them safely, to not collect nor preserve unnecessary data, to protect data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure and in general to reassure the existence of appropriate technical and organizational measures for their protection.   “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” also points out that https://www.penetron.gr does not save automatically data, but instead, those data, via the form, are forwarded to the electronic address info@penetron.gr . Personal data and special categories of personal data as well, are not for sale or are not to be sold to third parties and other organizations. The information concerning communication with any user of the system of “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.”, is revealed anyway. Personal data are electronically saved, making every reasonable effort to reassure their safety, while at the same time they are considered confidential by our company.   Rights and obligations of the data’s subject, according to General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R.):
Rights and obligations of the data’s subject are:

  • Right of access.
  • Right of rectification.
  • Right of erasure.
  • Right of reduction of processing.
  • Obligation to notify of rectification or erasure of personal data or of reduction of processing.
  • Right of portability of data.  
  • Right of objection.  

For application of the above mentioned rights and for any other question or complaint, regarding personal data, you may address to the Data Protection Supervisor:  

  • By sending email via the communication form at the website: https://www.penetron.gr, under the title GDPR REQUEST.
  • By mailing to the address PENETRON HELLAS S.A., TRAKOMAKEDONON 50, 136 79, ACHARNES, with the indication GDPR-REQUEST or by fax at the number: 210 2476803.

The rights are exercised at no cost for you, unless if, due to repeatability, they increase the company’s expenses. For any further clarification or information, you can call at telephone number 210 2448250.

Request of service regarding the rights and obligations of the data’s subject.

As long as you have decided to exercise any of your rights, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” will take any possible measure in order to fulfill your request, within 30 calendar days from the receipt of your request, after “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” has already notified you if it can be fulfilled or not for objective reasons. The above mentioned procedure may be prolonged for two more months, as long as this is required, taking into consideration the complexity of the request and the number of the requests. “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” informs the subject of the data for this possible prolongation, within a month since the receipt of the request, and for the reasons as well.

Updating of possible modifications of the present Policy  

Updating of the present Privacy Policy – Statement of Consent Personal Data Protection takes place whenever it is necessary.  If there are significant changes in Privacy Policy – Statement of Personal Data Protection or in the way that “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” uses your Personal Data, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” will notify you by announcing it in a prominent displayed point, before changes take place, or by any other expedient way. Moreover, in case any modification occurs at the national or European legislation, regarding the protection of personal data, that do not demand the imminent notification of the subjects of the data, “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” preserves the right to change the Privacy Policy – Statement of Personal Data Protection without prior notification. “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” encourages you to read regularly the present Privacy Policy – Statement of Personal Data Protection in order for you to know how your Data is protected.

Appeal for violation of personal data information and of special categories personal data

In the event that you may consider that, in any way, your personal data protection is affected, you have the right to appeal to the Data Protection Authority, using the following contact details: Website: www.dpa.gr
Mail address: 1-3, Kifisias Av, Τ.Κ. 115 23, Athens
Call Center: +30 210 6475600
Fax: +30 210 6475628
Email: contact@dpa.gr

Statement of Consent

The data subject states that:

  • I was fully informed for the personal data and the special categories personal data processing that “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” applies.
  • I am aware of the rights I have and preserve as subject of my data, according to the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection, along with the privacy policy of the company, which is published at the website www.penetron.gr.
  • I recognize and accept the purpose of my personal data processing in order to have, from “PENETRON HELLAS S.A.” or through the company’s colleagues, information brochures, technical support, products or services relevant to the company’s field.  
  • I recognize and fully accept the transfer of personal data and of special categories of personal data to the Parent Company PENETRON INTERNATIONAL LTD.
  • I consent to the period of time that personal data, which are mentioned to the privacy policy of the company, are stored and which is published at the website www.penetron.gr.
  • I am over 16 years old
  • Being fully aware, I provide my free, clear consent to the company to process my data.
  • Within the framework of the same process, I was notified for my right to oppose to it anytime, by sending a relevant request at the company, as it is mentioned above.

Responsible for Processing: PENETRON HELLAS S.A., 50, THRAKOMAKEDONON AV., 136 79, Acharnes, Tel: 210-2448250, website: https://www.penetron.gr, e-mail: info@penetron.gr

Acceptance of terms of use

By accessing and using this website you agree to commit with the above mentioned terms of use and all the conditions and regulations that are included or mentioned here and with any additional term or regulation that is presented in this website. If you DO NOT agree with all these terms, you SHOULD NOT use this website.


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