Brief history

PENETRON INTERNATIONAL is recognized as a world leader in the waterproofing, protection and repairing of concrete industry, with the continuous development of crystal growth in the concrete technologies, and other innovative systems. During the past 20 years, products of the Penetron family have established their reputation, covering the most demanding project specifications around the world, from the frozen areas of Norway and Russia to the warm regions of Saudi Arabia.
Based in Long Island, New York (view from the headquarters in the top photo), the company was founded in 1979 by Robert J. Revera, a veteran of the concrete industry, which inspired PENETRON INTERNATIONAL with dedication to high technical standards. Penetron products are evolving through the latest research in materials technology, as well as through information from professionals in the construction sector.

Today the sales and support network of PENETRON INTERNATIONAL spans over 100 countries, giving the company the opportunity to share experience and expertise. Combining high performance of products, in line with the excellent support to its customers, PENETRON INTERNATIONAL continues to determine the reliability and excellence in concrete protection, for engineers, architects and application teams around the world.

The versatility and effectiveness of Penetron system have been proven in a wide range of critical applications, including nuclear reactors, chemical storage facilities and large tunnel construction projects. The products follow the highest environmental and ecological standards and this is reflected in a large number of projects, such as aquariums and water reservoirs, which are recorded in the company's project reference file.

In the context of global development, PENETRON HELLAS has been established in Athens since November 2006; a subsidiary of PENETRON INTERNATIONAL (in the below file photo, on the left side you can see the President and CEO of parent PENETRON INTERNATIONAL, Mr. Robert Revera and on the right, General Manager and Participant of PENETRON Hellas, Mr. Theodore Mentzikofakis). This new company will cover the region of Southeast Europe, regarding both distribution issues for Penetron products, as well as the development and maintenance of the company's technologies

PENETRON HELLAS bears Total Quality certification:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 - certified from the DQS by DQS Hellas.

Regarding the level of production, high quality control requirements are applied at PENETRON INTERNATIONAL’s modern facilities, which have earned ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.




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