Our Vision

PENETRON HELLAS, using as inspiration the brilliant career of parent company PENETRON INTERNATIONAL, hopes to play a significant role in the wider region of Southeast Europe, in the sector of waterproofing, protection and repairing of structures. Our goal is to develop a network of promotion / distribution partners, as well as technical support throughout Southeast Europe. We also aim at the development of the range of systems for better coverage of the applications and the demands of construction market. Guarantee to this goal are the third-generation advanced crystal growth in concrete technologies and other innovative systems, developed through the company's research, and through a continuous, interactive communication channel with the designers, engineers, application teams on site, as well as the total of academic and scientific principles, in harmony with the demand of the construction market.

The balance of high quality and long-term technical solutions, with ergonomic cost, high safety and added value, is the potential of our company and the comparative advantage of its systems. A variety of laboratory technical research and development, collaborating accredited laboratories, academic institutions, the vast experience, technical support, enthusiasm and inspiration of our people are the ingredients of success in achieving our targets, objectives and our vision. International certifications, standards and laboratory tests accompany the research, production, sale disposal, and the application of our company's products. Certified application teams and companies undertake to carry out difficult and demanding projects, in collaboration with the technical department of our company.

Important role in our work and in success are playing our staff and all of our partners. Our company wants to create, for all these, new workplaces, a safe and creative work environment, career opportunities as well as everyday human relations, which evolve as a contribution to our society. All this, in an environment that our company is trying to protect, following "green" technologies, recycling, safety at work measures, standards and certified procedures that guarantee the preservation of the ecosystem, the safety of workers and ensuring systems friendly final user..

We accept challenges, we are nourished with fair-play and we are getting strength from the difficulties and the high demands of our targets and objectives.

Theodore Mentzikofakis
General Manager Penetron Hellas



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