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PENETRON for Permanent Waterproofing & Protection of Structures - Floor & Surface configuration – Repairing Products - Elastic Sealants & Adhesives.

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Concrete permanently watertight once pouring Penetron Admix system with Crystal Growth in concrete.

Slide 1 - katerini

Hotel at Katerini with pools and underground spaces. Complete Success in Waterproofing Applications with PENETRON Systems.

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PENETRON works closely with Testing Laboratories and Scientists specialized in Concrete for the continuous optimization of PENETRON systems.

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Application of Concrete Admixture Penetron Admix & Swellable expanding strips waterstops Penebars in a building at Peristeri with 5 levels of underground parking.

Slide 6 - Talkatora  (2)

Absolute Waterproofing & Protection of Concrete was to Penetron Admix for new Talkatora swimming stadium in New Delhi in India.

Slide 4 - Petrola  (2)

PENETRON products were selected for waterproofing and chemical protection of the sewerage network extensions of ELPE-former Petrola.

Slide 8 - Peneseal FH (2)

Peneseal FH was approved as a chemically reactive Floor Hardener and on the same time for perfect finish on the ALDI premises in Thessaloniki.κη.

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Since 2007 Penetron is the Absolute Waterproofing & Protection for the sewage treatment plant at Fylis landfill, in Ano Liosia..

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PENETRON - Great Range of High Quality Products for Construction Applications.


Topical Applications

Getting the most out of existing concrete structures

Durability of Concrete

Durability of Concrete

Increase of Durability of Concrete, based on PENETRON ADMIX®, crystal growth system and in accordance with reports of the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Products Catalogue 2nd Edition

Products Catalogue 2nd Edition

Products and summaries of applications, from all product groups and systems of PENETRON HELLAS.

Penetron general brochure ENG

General Brochure Penetron

Detailed information about PENETRON systems, regarding the waterproofing and protection of concrete with crystal growth products

Penetron International Brochure

Penetron International Brochure

PENETRON International’s general brochure.

Penetron Admix

Penetron Admix

Complete concrete waterproofing system with crystal formation.

Advantages of the Penetron Integral Waterproofing System EN

Advantages of the Penetron Integral Waterproofing System

Penetron integral concrete capillary waterproofing systems are being used for more than three decades to effectively waterproof and protect concrete structures around the world. This document explains the most common problems associated with concrete structure in contact with water and under different environmental conditions.

Peneseal pro eng

Peneseal Pro

Liquid, integral system for waterproofing and protection of concrete structures, for exposed concrete surfaces.

Penebar SW

Penebar SW

Swellable expanding strips waterstops made of butyl rubber base infused with bentonite, with fast expansion, for non-moving, concrete joints.

Peneseal FH Brochure

Peneseal FH

Liquid chemically reactive Floor Hardener for the protection of industrial floors made of concrete.

VB 225


Α moisture vapor emissions reduction system