Slide 7 - helmet

PENETRON for Permanent Waterproofing & Protection of Structures - Floor & Surface configuration – Repairing Products - Elastic Sealants & Adhesives.

Slide 2 - site

Concrete permanently watertight once pouring Penetron Admix system with Crystal Growth in concrete.

Slide 1 - katerini

Hotel at Katerini with pools and underground spaces. Complete Success in Waterproofing Applications with PENETRON Systems.

Slide 5 - lab (2)

PENETRON works closely with Testing Laboratories and Scientists specialized in Concrete for the continuous optimization of PENETRON systems.

Slide 3 - peristeri

Application of Concrete Admixture Penetron Admix & Swellable expanding strips waterstops Penebars in a building at Peristeri with 5 levels of underground parking.

Slide 6 - Talkatora  (2)

Absolute Waterproofing & Protection of Concrete was to Penetron Admix for new Talkatora swimming stadium in New Delhi in India.

Slide 4 - Petrola  (2)

PENETRON products were selected for waterproofing and chemical protection of the sewerage network extensions of ELPE-former Petrola.

Slide 8 - Peneseal FH (2)

Peneseal FH was approved as a chemically reactive Floor Hardener and on the same time for perfect finish on the ALDI premises in Thessaloniki.κη.

Slide 9 -χυτά φυλής (2)

Since 2007 Penetron is the Absolute Waterproofing & Protection for the sewage treatment plant at Fylis landfill, in Ano Liosia..

Slide 10 -products range

PENETRON - Great Range of High Quality Products for Construction Applications.

New Construction Penetron Admix  Crystalline Waterproofing System

Permanent waterproofing of underground walls and concrete slabs (under construction) with the integral crystalline waterproofing system of PENETRON ADMIX.

Existing Construction Penetron System Crystalline Waterproofing

Technical proposition of permanent waterproofing of existing underground reinforced concrete walls with PENETRON system – Active crystal formation with Penetrating action above one meter in depth.

New Construction-Swimming Pools

Permanent pool waterproofing (new construction) with PENETRON® integral capillary waterproofing

Existing Construction Swimming Pools ENG

Permanent pool waterproofing (existing construction) with PENETRON integral capillary waterproofing or with cement base polymer modified waterproofing coating SEALCOAT SYSTEMS.

Peneseal Pro Calcium Treatment

Concrete test and calcium treatment before the application of PENESEAL PRO (RTU) on old surfaces likely to have undergone carbonation.