New Construction Penetron Admix  Crystalline Waterproofing System

Permanent waterproofing of underground walls and concrete slabs (under construction) with the integral crystalline waterproofing system of PENETRON ADMIX.

Existing Construction Penetron System Crystalline Waterproofing

Technical proposition of permanent waterproofing of existing underground reinforced concrete walls with PENETRON system – Active crystal formation with Penetrating action above one meter in depth.

New Construction-Swimming Pools

Permanent pool waterproofing (new construction) with PENETRON® integral capillary waterproofing

Existing Construction Swimming Pools ENG

Permanent pool waterproofing (existing construction) with PENETRON integral capillary waterproofing or with cement base polymer modified waterproofing coating SEALCOAT SYSTEMS.

Peneseal Pro Calcium Treatment

Concrete test and calcium treatment before the application of PENESEAL PRO (RTU) on old surfaces likely to have undergone carbonation.