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PENETRON for Permanent Waterproofing & Protection of Structures - Floor & Surface configuration – Repairing Products - Elastic Sealants & Adhesives.

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Concrete permanently watertight once pouring Penetron Admix system with Crystal Growth in concrete.

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Hotel at Katerini with pools and underground spaces. Complete Success in Waterproofing Applications with PENETRON Systems.

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PENETRON works closely with Testing Laboratories and Scientists specialized in Concrete for the continuous optimization of PENETRON systems.

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Application of Concrete Admixture Penetron Admix & Swellable expanding strips waterstops Penebars in a building at Peristeri with 5 levels of underground parking.

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Absolute Waterproofing & Protection of Concrete was to Penetron Admix for new Talkatora swimming stadium in New Delhi in India.

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PENETRON products were selected for waterproofing and chemical protection of the sewerage network extensions of ELPE-former Petrola.

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Peneseal FH was approved as a chemically reactive Floor Hardener and on the same time for perfect finish on the ALDI premises in Thessaloniki.κη.

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Since 2007 Penetron is the Absolute Waterproofing & Protection for the sewage treatment plant at Fylis landfill, in Ano Liosia..

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PENETRON - Great Range of High Quality Products for Construction Applications.


Over the past 40 years, the PENETRON system of products has helped our customers undertake and complete ambitious and challenging projects – from hospitals to parking garages, bridges to tunnels, water treatment plants to military installations… and on and on.

To get a closer look at some of our projects, simply click on a project or choose a country or specific category on the left.

Please contact your PENETRON representative if you need additional project details. You will learn how PENETRON enables successful projects around the world.

“W” Hotel at Sentosa Cove

Additional Info


The “W” Hotel @ Sentosa Cove is a high-level luxury hotel with 240 rooms, restaurants, pools, meeting rooms, ballrooms and a spa.

Products Used:
PENETRON ADMIX provided complete waterproofing protection for 3,800m3 of below-grade concrete; PENEBAR SW-55 was used for 2,800m of construction joints.

Zhongguancun West Zone

Additional Info

Beijing, China

Initially treated with a membrane solution, areas of this huge basement structure began leaking at the seams; the PENETRON-treated areas remained dry. The developer switched the whole project to PENETRON. Several other projects by this same developer are now specified with the PENETRON waterproofing system.

Products Used:
The PENENTRON System was applied after the developers viewed multiple projects treated with the PENENTRON System in Beijing, and were amply convinced of its effectiveness.

Yashwant Glucose Co-op

Additional Info

Sangli, Maharashtra, India

At the Yashwant Glucose Co-op. Ltd., concrete steeping vats are utilized for boiling maize grains prior to recovery of the starch. The process is done at 70°C with SO2 gas, forming sulphuric acid, which affects the concrete surface (pH -2.8 to 4).

Products Used:
PENETRON products were used to waterproof and protect concrete surface from chemical action. The total treated area was about 1,000m2, and 300m of construction joints.

Waterloo House

Additional Info

Hamilton, Bermuda

A centerpiece of the revitalized waterfront in Hamilton, Bermuda, the elegant new Waterloo House offers almost 90,000 square feet of office space and luxury penthouse apartments.  The five-story building also has underground parking and eight new boat slips in the harbor directly in front of the building. 

Products Used:
PENETRON ADMIX was used to treat about 3,000 cubic yards of concrete, mainly for the building foundation and basement structures.  It enabled the structure to resist seawater ingress under the higher levels of water pressure found belowground.

Water Treatment Plant Milan South

Additional Info

Rozzano, Italy

To help improve the water quality in Milan, a series of water treatment plants were built. A key part of the project was to drain the water of the Southern Lambro, considered a main source of pollution in the Po River, and solve the impermeability problems in the system. 

Products Used:
The PENETRON System was used to treat all the delivery and suction tunnels, and the purifying basins, a total surface area of about 150,000 m2.

Water Storage Facility

Additional Info

Gonjiam Resort, South Korea

The Gonjiam Resort area features numerous large water storage facilities to provide a reliable water supply to the region. The project demanded a highly reliable waterproofing solution that would minimize any future repair costs.

Products Used:
PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete was used in the walls and belowground structures of the water storage structure. Even without an external membrane, the water storage structure has remained completely watertight.

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