Penetron cementitious capillary waterproofing products are formulations consisting of common cement, quartz sand (of special grade) and multiple activating chemicals that provide the most effective permanent concrete waterproofing.

  1. Chemicals in PENETRON penetrate inside and along the pores, the capillary passageways and the cracks and transported through the phenomenon of osmosis.
  2. The PENETRON active ingredients react with the free calcium hydroxide, as a component of concrete and with water, producing insoluble crystalline fibrous form complexes which block the pores and capillaries passageways in depth of 400 microns. This crystalline growth takes place deep inside the concrete structure and has been measured to be generated at a depth of almost 1m from the point of application of PENETRON.
  3. Water molecules (and a wide range of harmful chemicals), can no longer pass through the concrete because PENETRON crystalline formations are grown in such a way that the air gaps which leave are very small. However, the molecules of water, in the gas phase, are able to penetrate concrete allowing it to breathe and prevent the development of water vapor inside.
  4. For the development of crystals, it is necessary to have the presence of water, within the pores and capillary passageways. The absence of moisture stops the chemical reaction of PENETRON and chemicals contained lie dormant in a latent phase. However, whenever in the future, these chemicals come in contact with moisture or water we automatically have a reactivation of the crystal formation mechanism, which resumes the sealing process and advances deeper into concrete.


Thick and thin fibrous crystals have developed in the crack. This continuous crystal growth will fill and waterproof the crack.

The same crack as on the left, with a picture through the electron microscope showing the development of PENETRON crystals which waterproof the crack.

The same crack, at greater focus, shows the growth of elongated and thin fibrous crystals.



From the moment of first application, PENETRON works continuously throughout the life of the concrete (Self-Healing).



Used for waterproofing and chemical protection above and below ground level. Applied in slurry form.
Used for filling cracks and covers at joints, and to fill form-tie holes, honey-combed areas and routed out cracks in mortar consistency.
An additive mixed into new concrete at the time of batching for complete integral waterproofing.
A dry shake, powder formulation used for horizontal surfaces and precast. It is a selected blend designed for ease of trowel-in application.
Forms a rapid setting compound capable of stopping severe leaks under pressure.
Forms a rapid setting compound capable of stopping severe leaks under pressure.


 Advantages of the Penetron Integral Waterproofing System with a focus on PENETRON ADMIX


Watch the following videos about the products of PENETRON system, PENECRETE MORTAR, PENETRON ADMIX, PENETRON PLUS, PENEPLUG, PENETRON ADMIX SOLUBLE BAGS and installation of water-swellable PENEBAR waterstops, supplementary products for the PENETRON ADMIX system. Also, watch the video from a project of pouring concrete with the PENETRON ADMIX technology and pigments (Tracer).